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Re: Gillette- Michelle Malkin

January 18, 2019 03:43PM
by all means, support the company, if they do things you like

I believe people should vote with their dollars, both pro and con, not just about this, but in general

Some of the earliest products I boycotted were things I read about in Mother Jones.

Not sure what the opposite word for boycott is (when you spend MORE at a company or store, but it's a valid idea).

I also believe in complimenting cashiers/baggers/clerks/etc who handle their work well and cause no aggrevation- accentuate the positive, as the old song goes
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Gillette- Michelle Malkin

chimi 207 January 17, 2019 09:17AM

Re: Gillette- Michelle Malkin

Sapphire 65 January 18, 2019 02:05AM

Re: Gillette- Michelle Malkin

chimi 70 January 18, 2019 03:43PM

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