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getting into ivy league schools

March 14, 2019 10:50AM
I don't really think, we, as a society, will be safer if the rich people who paid bribes go to prison-let them fund some scholarships or go clean up trash on campus, I don't care.

BUT, I was under the impression, just from growing up aware of reality, that most privately funded buildings and funded 'chairs' in the ivy league came about as payment for favors rendered, such as letting influential people's not very bright kids and grandkids into schools that they weren't good enough academically for..

Somehow I thought that even some of our politicians got into the ivy league that way.

And that there were 'legacy' admissions in prep schools, sister schools, and the old male only ivy league.

Maybe the newbies (earned, instead of acquired ) wealth didn't have that access-I don't know.

I guess all these people should put their money into tutors for their kids, but, of course, not all kids will cooperate on that one. Some will, though, so worth a try. So much of academic content is poorly taught, and , if you can just find a teacher who will try different approaches until they find out what works with a specific kid, more students would learn that they aren't so dumb, after all, it's just never been explained right.

I once took accounting 101 in college. I've got a math brain, but I was COMPLETELY lost in the class. As luck would have it, the teacher and another decided to switch classes. My class got a different teacher. This one made sense. I GOT IT!! Wow- it wasn't me, it was the teacher.
I wound up acing that class and going on to a whole major in accounting (with understanding). Not that I've actually DONE anything with it in my life, but it taught me that important lesson that, sometimes, it's the way it's taught. Good to know.

Education majors ARE taught about different learning styles. Some teachers dismiss the idea. Some are just so overloaded with paperwork and bureaucracy, that they can't possibly apply what they know-they are so overwhelmed with maintaining order that they can't teach individual kids individual ways. They are lucky to even get through the lesson plans.
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getting into ivy league schools

chimi 253 March 14, 2019 10:50AM

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