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forbes- top 50 donators

April 16, 2019 11:05AM

whenever I read about pols who want to 'tax the rich' , I wonder about the speakers' OWN charitable giving. Seems like people good at managing their own money could do a lot of good donating to charities that they BELIEVE IN and that use most of the donations to actually promote the purpose of the charity (as opposed to high salaries to administRATORS AND HIGH COSTS OF EMPLOYEES TO SHUFFLE THE FUNDS).

Anyone who wants to do good with their money can find a way to do so, and not wait for congress to act.

Our own gov't welfare funds spend a lot on bureaucrats-don't know what the current percentage is that actually goes to feed, house, employ, and health expenses. Lots goes to pencil pushers (old fashioned term, sorry-keyboard clickers).

On the above list of donors, many names I've never heard of and 'viva le' the couple of rich french families who have made the first couple of big donations to rebuild Notre Dame. See where there's a need and ACT, NOW.

I like Bernie as a person and grumpy old man (my favorite muppet is Oscar the Grouch), but his donations are disappointing. Why wait for government to take money from you? Give today-to what you BELIEVE in.
It's such a privilege to do so.
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forbes- top 50 donators

chimi 167 April 16, 2019 11:05AM

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