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recreational reading with the pols

April 17, 2019 04:13PM
The Little Baby Snoogle-Fleejer written by Jimmy Carter, illustrated by Amy Carter-- kid's book

The President is Missing written by Bill Clinton and James Patterson (who writes good mystery and adventure books-super prolific author)

The Body Politic by Lynne Cheney- published in 1988, before she became 2nd Lady
It's a funny book about the death of a vice president at an inconvenient time. The primaries are going on, and the prez has promised several governors the VP spot if they endorse him for the office. First they hide the VPs death for 4 days, till Wisconsin, BUT, he loses wisconsin, so they have to KEEP hiding the death until after super tuesday, a couple of more weeks away...
Lynne Cheney has written lots of political kids' books as well as adult bios of pols

Elliot Roosevelt wrote several mysteries in which Eleanor solves murders in the white house.

Margaret Truman wrote some murder mysteries centering around washington

And Christopher Buckley, once a speech writer and son of William F Buckley Jr , has written many funny novels in political situations:
- No Way to Treat a First Lady has the wife on trial for the death of the prez "I didn't hit him THAT hard".
-Supreme Courtship a prez appoints a TV judge to the Court- Pepper (Perdita) Cartwright-a fun Texan.
-White House Mess- prez refuses to leave after his term [Do you remember a SNL sketch where Nancy Reagan refuses to leave and Barbara has to have her dragged out?]
-Boomsday- a fun solution to the social security crisis
-Thank you for Smoking a fun look at lobbyists. This one, you can see the movie of---good, but R-rated.

William F Buckley Jr actually wrote some CIA novels (cold war stuff)-See you later alligator, the death of henri todd, and other titles-

What other politicians have written on the lighter side?

I think I read a 'wit and wisdom' book of JFK and maybe one of Mayor Daley, but those were put together by other people collecting their quotes.

Who's missing?
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recreational reading with the pols

chimi 110 April 17, 2019 04:13PM

and a movie

chimi 59 April 25, 2019 09:42AM

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