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get a better deal-make 'em wait

April 18, 2019 09:54AM
yesterday, I went on a vitamin site that also sells organic food-I'm two hours away from a health food store, so I shop a lot online.
I put a $49 order in my cart (for the free shipping), but decided it was just too much- all the coupon deals they had sent me were for specific brands and none applied to an overall order. So, I just left the stuff in my cart and left. Today, in my email, was a 24 hour 15% off coupon off EVERYTHING from the place, so I went back. My cart was empty, so I had to fill it again and I had to add a couple of items, because the 15% off took me below $49 for the free shipping, but I got my extra 15% off and free shipping.

Years ago, I used to send for info on correspondence classes. They would always be too expensive, but, after a month or two, I would start getting offers for $100 or $200 off the tuition. Never DID sign up for one, but, if you are so inclined, drag your feet and see if you get a better offer. These were not just academic and trade type classes, but also artsy stuff-one was on stained glass putting together, I remember.

In general, if I sign up at a web site (often for clothing) if I don't order for a few days, I get free shipping and percentage off offers.

One place that sent me a REALLY good offer, with free shipping and B1G1, I ordered 4 skirts from. Came out to $10 a piece, instead of $25 a piece. The next day, they offered to let me use the same offer AGAIN and I just repeated the same order-had enough skirt for YEARS (I hate to shop, so, when I find an item that works for me, I stock up.
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get a better deal-make 'em wait

chimi 152 April 18, 2019 09:54AM

Re: get a better deal-make 'em wait

Sapphire 65 April 21, 2019 12:24PM

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