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what did you learn in school that you still remember??

April 25, 2019 05:42PM
ok, most of us have TOO MUCH STUFF-I'm guilty of this

BUT, in Jr High, when they talked about the 1929 depression, what made an impact upon my thinking was the trickle down effect- that this guy lost his job, that he didn't buy a new suit of clothes, that he didn't trade in his car, that his family didn't even go out for their monthly dinner out.
AND, that this was multiplied by millions, as MOST people cut down on spending- buying more potatoes and cabbage, less of other foods. That this affected the farmers and the grocers and the other stuff, above, affected the car factory workers as orders shriveled. And the waitresses. And the tailors. And the retail salespeople.

At college, I had an economics professor who was VERY pro-credit card. He felt it was everyone's responsibility to buy a lot, to help keep the economy up.
Not sure about that, as you run out of space and have to pay the bills, too.

In an article about immigration in a nearby city newspaper, one hairdresser said 30% of her clients were illegal and, that if they all went home, she'd have to close her business and 'go work at the chicken plant"
Of course, if your illegals go away, don't your chicken sales drop, too?

If young people buy less (which is perfectly sane, and I wish them well, and I really ought to do likewise) won't that shrink the economy and make less jobs? And, when the interest rate is SO low that what money you manage to save won't earn much of anything in the bank, I actually think a certain amount of stockpiling shopping makes sense- an investment against inflation.

BIG issue.

Ever see the TV show , Family Ties- old hippie parents-one works for public TV, I think. Three kids- oldest is a conservative, pro-business; middle one, Mallory, is a shopaholic airhead. Littlest one is a tree hugger.
Sweet show.

Anyway, Mallory is writing a philosophy paper:
I SHOP, therefore, I AM

Is spending money a social responsibility?

Most of what they said in school is long forgotten or rejected, but the lesson about 1929 REALLY stuck.

Another one that stuck was my 11th grade history class. The teacher said, "condoms are 98% effective, that means, if you have sex once a week, you'll have one baby a year"
We didn't have sex ed back then, so he was doing his best to leave a gem with his math-challenged students. And, yes, it's the only thing he said that I remember.

My 7th grade science teacher, retired military guy, in a place where 2 story houses were common, told us, in case of fire when we were in a house, to climb out the window, hang from our fingers from the window sill, before dropping to the ground below. Told us our arms reduced the distance we'd fall by two feet.
Trying to empower us to feel calm if we had to escape. It worked-the calm- I don't know about jumping, but I expect dropping is safer that jumping. Of course, we were all pretty much thinner than today's kids. We COULD mostly hang by our fingers (the boys were learning pull ups and we girls were learning the uneven bars).

AND, my business law prof , to get the point across about how one partner was responsible for EVERYTHING kept referring to where our absent partner would be,--- "safe from extradition in South Amboy"

It made an impression and made his point memorable.

I should post the school stuff separately sometime, but, meanwhile, if you read this far, what did teacher teach you so well that you'll NEVER forget?

BTW, my mother read encyclopedias for fun and could spell fine (as can I), speak many languages (I can't) , and pronounce words correctly. But she would say VE-GET-A-BLE to help us remember how to spell it.
My dad would read signs on our long car trips and say "ANN-TI-QUE" which helped me remember how to spell it, but I think he was just trying to be funny, because he would also shout out "PIGS" when we passed horses, and, likewise other animals.

A British teacher in elementary school taught us a politically incorrect way to remember how to spell 'arithmetic'
but I won't repeat it here- but it WORKED- I still remember.

I understand some people learned HOMES to remember the great lakes, but no teacher ever shared that one with me.

We DID learn Mr VEM J SUN. for the planets. When we said "what about Pluto?" she said that was what the period was for, but, maybe, she had a premonition that poor Pluto would get kicked off the list.

I came up with using the word basmati to remember the order of the first few canadian provinces-once you get a running start, the rest are easy. They didn't teach us the Candaian provinces in school, but we did LEARN TO FILL IN blank maps of the US states and all the continents (and, yes, spelling counted) in 9th grade earth science (which I barely passed, but DID ace filling in the maps and spelling correctly)
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what did you learn in school that you still remember??

chimi 140 April 25, 2019 05:42PM

lyrics- What did you learn in school today?

chimi 52 April 25, 2019 05:46PM

video- Tom Paxton singing the song

chimi 45 April 25, 2019 05:48PM

video-Pete Segger singing the song

chimi 45 April 25, 2019 05:49PM

Re: what did you learn in school that you still remember??

PhillyLady 36 May 16, 2019 09:01PM

Re: what did you learn in school that you still remember??

chimi 54 May 17, 2019 10:21AM

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