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Re: is solitary 'torture'?

June 18, 2019 10:15AM
great to 'see' you again.

maybe it depends upon one's inner resources-if you've got all kinds of poems, songs, lit and history in your memory banks to review. If you have longed for quiet time to gather your thoughts and maybe even write a book.

We all have different capacities for listening to others talk about things- deep or shallow. Complain. Yaking so much you can't hear yourself think.

Florence King quoted Seneca in "Scorn pain- either it will go away or you will"

We've probably all known people who complain but don't take positive action toward fixing the problem -even if it's just experimenting with suggestions- trying SOMETHING, just toward making oneself an active participant in their own health.

Many people have some sensory issues- whether their sense of smell is too acute and so get bothered by the perfume and after shave of people with less acute sense of smell. Whether they can hear too well, and wind up with a lot more words coming into their brains than is comfortable (and also, unfortunately, finding out colleagues true feelings that they believe they are quietly gossiping about -the person with VERY good hearing find out that the face others show them is false);.

What are some good quotes?

"It is better to remain quiet and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt" Abraham Lincoln

"People yakity yak all day and waste your time of day, but Mr Ed will never speak, unless he has something to msay"
unknown theme song singer

"try to turn down the noise, in my mind"
Carly Simon

it's a noisy world. Some prisoners would probably prefer a lot of conversation. Others might want quiet.
Covering all the range of differences in human experience seems ok to me.

I read that one of the DEM candidates, YANG, has campaign hats that say MATH-- Make America Think Harder.,

Take off on MAGA, I suppose, but funny and cute.

Hope you'll post more, Jan would like to see more people posting more-let's try to keep her from getting lonely here.

GREAT to have you here.
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is solitary 'torture'?

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Re: is solitary 'torture'?

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Re: is solitary 'torture'?

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