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hey, Dems, how many candidates do YOU want to see debate?

June 11, 2019 10:38AM

I can't imagine keeping 24 candidates straight, their views on everything, especially with all the ways views are expressed, but maybe that's just me. TEN a night for the debates, but only 20 in all, because, who wants a third night of debates? I don't think I could keep 10 a night straight, view-wise.

I understand we need enough candidates that some can audition for the VEEP spot-stay in and get some support so the front runners can assess your strengths. Of course, competitors run each other down, so they are going to say nasty things about frontrunners they might wind up supporting.

AND, given the existence of the internet, can't candidates put themselves out there, not saying yes or no to a question, but giving it the full page answer with all the privisos for EVERY issue that they don't want to hide from?

Doesn't seem like all these one percenters (in the polls) have a shot. Maybe some political sites could run one on one debates among the lesser candidates,.

Interesting that the two front runners aren't that far from 80. Guess each of them could run with Warren or Harris as their veep- one way to get a woman as president-whether because the old guy eventually keels over from age, or the woman at least gets the incumbent advantage to run when his term(s) is/are over.

SO, how many people should debate?

What works for YOU as a voter trying to sort these people out?
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hey, Dems, how many candidates do YOU want to see debate?

chimi 90 June 11, 2019 10:38AM

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