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Posted by Jan DeCourtney, CMT [17426.9930] on November 07, 2011 at 09:17:35:

Hi everyone,

I finished my 5-day fast yesterday. It was an interesting experience.

Unlike previous 3-day fasts, I drank many more vegetable juices and vegetable broths, and less plain water and fewer herbal detox teas.

The result was interesting. I'm not sure that I detoxed as much (my tongue didn't look as bad, etc.), BUT my energy stayed consistently high during most of the fast, I felt clear and really good most of the time. The skin on my face is now a lot clearer and looks better. I feel better overall and lost about 2 pounds. I didn't take any of my supplements and didn't seem to need them. I still experienced some of the "negatives" of fasting like spaciness, fatigue, hunger, but it was all milder than my usual fasts.

I almost feel reluctant to go back to eating because something is working really well with what I was doing with the fast. I ate some protein foods mostly last night and this morning I feel super.

Please help me think this through if you can. It seems that the foods cut out by the fasting are 1) protein sources (eggs, cheese, and beans mostly) 2) grains 3) oils 4) supplements 5) nuts and seeds. I do know some people who don't eat grains and swear by it., so I'm looking into the GAPS diet. Maybe a "liberal" or "mostly" GAPS diet because it seems pretty remedial and my digestion is mostly working great. Also I tend to react to meat, although seems not as much this year. Anyway, I'm going to slowly introduce the eliminated foods back into my diet and see what happens. Primarily I'm going to try to cut out eating grains for a while.

So I'm interested in what people eat as a substitute for bread and rice. Those are two staples in my diet (Ezequiel bread and brown rice).

Do you eat quinoa, amaranth, or wild rice, which are seeds? Quinoa is high in protein (and a complete protein) and I was thinking about using more of it as a substitute for meat.

Thanks and best wishes,

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