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Posted by Jan DeCourtney, CMT [17426.9974] on November 11, 2011 at 08:53:59:

Hi Dave,

The saga continues. Sometimes the joint on my right foot aches a bit and it is definitely more stiff than the left one. It is the joint that would turn into a bunion.

It ached when I woke up yesterday. Eager to try to circumvent a bunion, yesterday I deeply massaged and manipulated the area and found all around the joint was sensitive. When I walked around after massaging it, that area was tender and I had to change my walking posture to keep it from hurting. This experience told me that the joint likely has a problem from the fact that over the years, that leg has been in an incorrect position (because my whole body has been askew), causing the foot to rotate laterally. I had to medially rotate the whole leg to be able to walk without feeling the post-massage soreness, and I wonder if that's the correct position for the leg.

Do you have any comments or ideas about this? Should I keep massaging and manipulating the joint and trying to walk with the right leg more medially rotated?

Thanks much,

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