Croup - our family has it now and need some home remedies....

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Posted by a [7671.9983] on November 17, 2011 at 00:23:16:

I have croup. My daughter had it last week and had to
be taken to the hospital because her windpipe swelled
and she could not get air properly. It was very scary!
The Dr. gave her an oral steriod to take down the
swelling. Now I have it and cannot sleep tonight and am
having trouble breathing. I'm afraid my 2 year old
(today!)son will get it. Are there any home remedies
for this....even prevention remedies? For her and now
me, I rubbed the chest with castor oil, then Vick's
menthol salve, gave her bronchial-oriented homeopathy,
we are all sleeping under cool mist humidifiers. I
need relief now, however. I am thinking of taking some
of her left over steroid medication.

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