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Posted by Helena [11599.9984] on November 17, 2011 at 15:42:43:

Hi Leah, I've only just got in and checked my emails so you
may already know that Dr Skinner has been exonerated by
the General Medical Council and is free to practice with no
conditions or restrictions.

His treatment with thyroid hormones (some of them at very
high doses) of patients with normal thyroid blood tests but
symptoms of hypothyroidism has been accepted as not
dangerous, as has his prescribing of T3 and unlicensed
natural desiccated thyroid hormones for people who don't do
well on thyroxin. Hopefully the British Thyroid Association,
British Thyroid Foundation, Royal College of Endocrinologists
and Royal College of Physicians will start to listen now!

Ive been told that over 2,000 patient testimonials were
presented to the Panel and the GMC staff apparently said
that each day from the start, 5 years ago, there had been
more members of the public present than for any other
Hearing. Certainly when I was at the IoPs and first FTP the
rooms were almost full every day.

You may want to do what I do at the end of each Hearing,
which is to contact Heather Cook, whose details are below,
and ask for a hard copy of the transcript to be posted to me.
So far I have two box files full - it gives them all something
to do ;)
Heather Cook,
Investigation Officer,
Fitness to Practise Directorate,
General Medical Council,
3 Hardman Street,
M3 3AW

Tel: 0161 923 6472

I so wish Walt were here to read this, I think hed have liked
to know of a physician thinking outside the box and winning
for once.

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