Best uses for protein powder

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Posted by Jan DeCourtney, CMT [17426.9922] on November 17, 2011 at 19:55:43:

Hi everyone,

I'm working on trying to find good protein alternatives for meat. My body can tolerate a little bit, but mostly doesn't like it (makes my hair fall out). Same for fish and chicken.

I'm partly reactive to soy and dairy, although I can eat some. I can't eat gassy beans (I'm still experimenting with epazote which seems to help and other anti-flatulence possibilities) because it's annoying but also painful.

So that leaves things like split mung beans and lentils. I also use some protein powders. If I go off grains, that takes away rice protein powder.

So I'm thinking in terms of GOL's Raw protein powder (good idea but expensive) and pea protein powder. Does anyone here use any of these or other powders? How do you use them? Recipes?

Thanks much,

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