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Posted by samm [1003.7683] on November 18, 2011 at 09:37:21:

I got a couple of goats a couple of months ago. They are healthy and playful. I've been giving them veggies, pasture, and cutting down branches and small trees for them to eat the leaves and twigs of and they enjoy all that stuff. With winter coming, I looked at commercial goat feed, but it was full of chemicals and didn't actually list any FOOD ingredients.
What's good real food for winter for the goats? What grains are best for them and should the percent of grain in their diet be limited?
I gave them a couple of cabbages yesterday and they loved the outer leaves but didn't care for the inner leaves. They love carrots, but didn't think much of raw sweet potatoes that I make into carrot sized sticks.
Not sure about cooking veggies for animals.
They didn't care for apples, though the deer around here love apples.
What do you feed your goats?

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