Re: Essential oils/aromatherapy - how do you use it at home?

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Posted by samm [1003.7683] on November 21, 2011 at 10:16:25:

In Reply to: Essential oils/aromatherapy - how do you use it at home? posted by Jan DeCourtney, CMT [17426.9974] on November 20, 2011 at 22:29:22:

oregano oil (from NOW instead of the expensive brand)
when the lungs feel like something lingering-not exactly congested, but not 100%, I breathe the fumes of the oregano oil. It really helps.

Clove oil (look for 4 ounce bottle, much better price than little bottles).

I have used this for dental, muscle, and skeletal problems.
dental- apply to sore tooth or gum and then stand over the sink and SPIT for several minutes. It generates a lot of saliva, and, if you swallow the clove laced saliva, it tends to numb the throat, which can interfere with breathing and swallowing.
VERY effective against tooth pain. I find it MUCH better than a product like orajel.

I find myself wondering if ANy tooth product, whether clove or commercial , might contribute to crib deaths/SIDS. when people use them for teething, because I find the spitting it out part of the process very important. I wonder about the inadvertent numbing of babies' throats when teething med is applied and then the baby is left to sleep on its back, swallowing the excess med with the saliva that washes it down. I think adults should experiment with products on themselves before ever trying a product on a baby, even those specifically intended for babies. The adult could follow application of teething products with surpervising the baby on its stomach for a few minutes to drool excess out and wipe out the mouth with something absorbent for several minutes, so the throat doesn't get numbed.

Clove oil- skeletal- made my broken big toe feel WAY better-I rubbed it in for some time.

Muscle/tendon- I apply and rub it in where I damaged the tendons of my leg, relives pain.

Note: test on a small skin area. I have had NO negative reaction using it on my feet or legs-doesn't bother the skin there at all). BUT when I accidentally touch my finger with clove oil on it to the skin under my nose or under/beside my eyes (NOT getting it in the eye) , it burns that skin like crazy.

Wintergreen oil- my husband uses this on his sore knee and wrist. Seems to work for him and it smells WONDERFUL-maybe I'm nostalgic for wintergreen lifesavers.

When I went searching for wintergreen oil he requested, one pharmacy didn't have it, but pointed out a bottle on TURPENTINE instead, that they said was good for muscle aches. Of course, even if I wasn't worried about what gets absorbed by the skin, it wouldn't want to be around a person who constantly smelled of turpentine.

After failing to find wintergreen oil at 5 stores, I bought some at amazon, which has become my place for finding a lot of products the stores don't have any more.

I am bothered by a LOT of fragrances, so I sniff clove oil to replace smells that are bothering me.

Make sure any client sniffs the oil you are thinking of using and approves it before rubbing it on them or filling the room with the scent-anyone can have an individual problem with any particular oil.

My son sniffs sage oil to try to clear brain fog and burns sage incense for the same reason.

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