Moonset Mindset

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Posted by Jim H. [17657.9986] on November 26, 2011 at 09:03:04:

The wee hours are mine. The middle of the night is my studio, a
time capsule where shy thoughts come out to roam among the
memories and ideas, and where I give them a voice in words.

Sometimes, in those hours, Walt, I notice a setting moon,
something I know you appreciate. A moonset is like a sunset
viewed through a lens filter. A moonset is a sunset gone mystic.†A
moonset is cool and austere in its impersonal beauty.

When you see a moonset, you are watching one of the moveable
parts of a great time machine, and even though this event is not
uncommon and is relatively close by, you canít help but extend
your awareness out into the whole cosmos, as you do when you
look up into the stars.

But there are differences in the way each of us experience the sky.
For me, it goes like this: A sunset is of the heart (emotion), the
moonset is of the soul (feeling), the stars are of the spirit (awe).
We reflect ourselves onto the heavens.

And since we all have these experiences, we are aware of all outer
space, what Star Trek calls the final frontier. But we must not
dismiss the other frontiers, like the realm of the unimaginably
small, or the inner world of the self, both of which are unexplored
enough to be considered authentic frontiers. In truth, we are all
pioneers on the frontier of imagination. And there you have it,
Walt, a moonset mindset.

I remember once, at the cusp of day, on a solo road trip across the
desert to California, when the stretch of two-lane highway was
pointed in such a direction that the moon, which was just setting
behind a distant mountain range ahead, was lined up right along
side the reflection of the sun rising in the rearview mirror. I
watched both visuals at the same time, the celestial mechanics of
the universe, happening right there in front of me in living color,
on the makeshift, split-screen TV on my windshield.†

In a metaphorical sort of way, that rare event of a simultaneous
moonset and sunrise brought a peaceful sense of meaning to the
trip I was taking; to visit my dying father and to feel the thump of
my grandson Jackís kick on the side of my daughterís very large

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