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Posted by VF [12036.8753] on November 28, 2011 at 17:39:04:

came across a site that had images of joints like knee and hip, and showed cartilage and explained things. Having had intermittant knee problems, that I can relieve for a long time at times, up to 2 yrs, would be interesting to know the cause, but playing it by ear. I impacted the hip with the quirky knee, having to jump of steps and land on it, that strained the hip, that the pain went away fairly fast but returned a few times, though usually with less intense pain, but wondered if it would ever become fully stable. Been a few mo since the last time it hurt. Maybe 5-6 mo, so guess it finally healed up. Wondered how much damage I did, and at the time visited a site, MD Junction, and a woman there landed on her butt in a fall, and was said to need rods in her hip, because she had Broken the sciatic joint. Learned that the joint is smooth when born, but develops ridges and valleys as we mature, and she broke them. I guess my landing stiff legged on one leg just strained the ligaments or tendons, and didn't break anything, or affect the quirky knee.

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