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Posted by Helena [11599.9984] on November 29, 2011 at 17:17:52:

In Reply to: For Helena posted by leah [11358.9973] on November 29, 2011 at 12:41:11:

Hi Leah, I'm so pleased that you've been in touch with Dr
Skinner! He's wonderful and has helped so many people, it's
a disgrace that he's been treated so badly. It's also good to
know that he knows the link between oesophagus problems
and hypothyroidism. I wonder what sort of future problems
he's expecting, but he's probably right, certain doctors would
hate to be proved wrong by him.

You could always buy from a certain pharmacy in California
to get over the problem of running out of thyroxin if your GP won't increase your prescription, do you have the details of
it? As for going thyrotoxic, I knew within days of having too
much. I became slightly too hot if I moved or did anything
quickly, my fingers shook very slightly when I extended my
arms and the middle finger of my left hand was very stiff and
curled when I woke up - I'd never had anything wrong like
that before! So I think you'd know when you were getting too

By the way I think you can get a full thyroid panel, or just FT3
or FT4 done by Genova, or the Red Apple clinic, without a
doctor's request, the links are on the TUK website.

Bill and Jan are moving the board to a new phpBB to avoid all
the spam which Bill has to keep removing. I've linked to it
below. If you register there and don't have the details of the pharmacy in California, which I know is authentic and which
a lot of people in UK use, I can send you them by personal

Good luck!

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