How Does the Body Absorb Nutrients?

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Posted by jennyS [80.56] on December 03, 2011 at 12:04:54:

Where in the body does our food turn to nutrition? I don't get it. When I chomp on an ear of corn at 7pm and see it come out the other end 10 or 12 hours later, I just don't see how the body has had any time to pull nutrition from it. The sun beating down on my skin, I can understand getting Vitamin D from that process.... I guess I can see how water would be absorbed and is beneficial...but I've seen cranberries go in one end and out the other in record time... I just don't understand how our bodies absorb antioxidants and carcinogens etc. Where does it happen, the intestines? If so I would think that if you eat a small healthy meal the instestine would have time to sit and suck out the vitamins maybe, but if you head to the salad buffet and top it off with a frozen yogurt and a couple of glasses of water, aren't the intestines just overloaded? SMall intestine says to large intestine: "INCOMING BARRAGE, LETS GET THIS STUFF THROUGH AND OUT THE SHOOT PRONTO, MORE COMING DOWN THE HATCH! NO TIME TO WASTE"

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