Increasing Wellness: In Memoriam,with Profound Gratitude &Veneration of Dr Stoll

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Posted by Leon Cavallo [7957.10004] on December 04, 2011 at 14:49:12:

Higher Wellness: In Memoriam, with Profound Gratitude & Veneration of Dr. Stoll's Unstinting and Undeniable Beneficence in the Advancement of a Field and the Advancement of People's Lives

Walt Stoll, M.D., stands among the greatest pioneers in the field of health/wellness education and higher healing, not just for his lifelong contribution to the advancement of information in his field, but as much for his undeniable contribution to the lives of his patients and readers.

Dr. Walt Stoll made peoples' lives better. Markedly. Dramatically. Gloriously better.

Using every tool at his disposal and repeatedly demonstrating an inventiveness and creativity to go beyond the norm, Dr. Stoll concentrated his energies in a way that few people are ever able to accomplish. He did not accept known limits in improvements of health or known limits in the ways people GET help. Through his innovation and insight, Dr. Stoll was able to transcend the limited results common to his field and achieve success on a higher level.

And he did it as a shepherd, in humility, grace, and quiet wisdom, leading others to levels higher than they themselves imagined possible.

The positive impact of Dr. Stoll and his work live on as testimony to his dogged refusal to accept failure, even when failure was codified by his peers and their dogmatic system. Dr. Stoll's vigilance paved way that so many now walk upon, a way to the top of the mountain of higher health and enjoying life again. But that vigilance was not without cost. Like any true pioneer, Dr. Stoll knew the personal price that can come of fighting to advance boundaries. But he displayed an indefatigable persistence. And that dogged refusal of his to acquiesce to a status quo was proved correct.

The accumulated wisdom that Dr. Stoll possessed always showed through.

The fruits of his labor bloom bountifully in the daily lives of those whom he helped: Undeniable victories over symptoms, sickness and disease. Undeniable victories over symptoms, sickness, and disease which others considered incurable. This is the magnificent harvest of the seeds Dr. Walt Stoll sowed in his life. This is the legacy of Walt Stoll, MD.

James Matuszak

HELLO EVERYONE and Bill and Jan and leah and Sapphire and PhillyLady...and Vince, Chiron Dave, Dr. Kim, RocketHealerJim-- are you still around?!

Today I came back to the 'site after a long absence. So sad to see that Dr. Stoll passed away. Thank God for this man and his overwhelming wisdom, work, and accomplishments. How blessed we all are to have had even a small part in his life! When someone so undeniably significant and weighty is in your presence, the glory is undeniable. It can't help but rub off on you. The old Hebrew word kabod כָּבַד in the best sense comes to mind. Dr Stoll was SO giving, so generous. Like a form of grace personified. No stretch to call him a type of savior to a lot of people. A near redeemer. Dr. Stoll was giving and generous deep down-- the essence of his nature. And what are giving and generosity but love? His desire to shepherd as many of us as possible to the top of the mountain on any wise path distinguished Dr. Stoll as a rare, exceptional, and munificent individual who traded in the currency of supernatural goodness. I AM better for knowing him. And I barely knew him! I can imagine the extraordinarily wonderful light he cast on family, friends, and those closest to him. Now, FRIENDS, we have a privilege to honor his memory by giving out to other people the grace and the goodness he gave to all of us. Never forced, freely offered, not judgmental. I cannot imagine any of us will ever know many individuals quite like Dr. Walt Stoll and that can only inspire us to the higher level that we saw him living.

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