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Posted by Ron [3468.9604] on December 06, 2011 at 12:22:02:

In Reply to: Re: OT: English posted by Sapphire [735.9998] on December 06, 2011 at 10:24:41:

Hi Sapphire,

Some of those actually do have a real reason for saying UP...
I have marked those that I see as logical.

"In addition to the idioms beginning with up, also see act up; add up; add up to; all shook up; all up; ANTE UP; back up; ball up; bang up; bark up the wrong tree; bear up; beat up; beef up; BID UP; BLOW UP; bob up; bone up; boot up; bottle up; bound up in; brace up; break up; bring up; bring up the rear; bring up to date; brush up; buckle up; buck up; buddy up; BUILD UP; bump up; burn up; butter up; BUTTON UP; buy up; call up; camp it up; CARD UP ONE'S SLEEVE; catch up; chalk up; charge up; chat up; cheer up; choke up; choose up; clam up; clean up; clear up; clock up; close up; cloud over (up); come (up) from behind; come up; come up against; come up roses; come up with; cook up; cough up; cover up; cozy up; cracked up; crack up; crank up; crap up; creep up on; crop up; cross up; curl up; cut up; DEAD FROM THE NECK UP; dig up; doll up; double up; do up; draw up; dream up; dress up; drum up; dry up; ease off (up); eat out (someone up); eat up; end up; face up to; fed to the gills (up); feel up; feel up to; figure up; fire up; fit out (up); fix up; fix up with; flare up; fold up; follow up; foul up; FROM THE GROUND UP; game is up; gang up; gas up; get someone's back up; GET UP; GET UP ON THEWRONG SIDE OF THE BED; get up steam; give oneself up; give up; give up the ghost; GO BELLY UP; goof up; go up; go up in flames; grow up; gum up; ham up; hands up; hang up; hard up; haul up; have had it (UP TO HERE); heads up; head up; heat up; hit up; hold one's end up; hold one's head high (up); hold up; hole up; hook up; hopped up; hurry up and wait; hush up; jack up; jazz up; juice up; keep it up; keep one's chin up; keep (someone) up; key up; kick up; kick up a fuss; kick up one's heels; kiss and make up; knock up; laid up; land in (up); lap up; lark it up; laugh up one's sleeve; lay in (up); lead down (up) the garden path; lead up to; leg up; let up; lighten up; light up; line up; live it up; live up to; lock up; look over (up and down); look up; louse up; make up; make up for lost time; make up one's mind; make up to; MARK UP; measure up; meet up with; mess up; mix it up; mix up; mop up; mop up the floor with; move up; muck up; not all it's cracked up to be; number's up; one up; on the up-and-up; open up; own up; pair off (up); pass up; patch up; pay up; pep someone up; perk up; pick up; pick up on; pile up; pipe up; play up; play up to; pluck up; point up; pony up; pop up; prick up one's ears; psych up; pull oneself up; pull up; pull up stakes; pump up; push up daisies; put one's feet up; put someone up to; put up; put-up job; put up or shut up; put up with; rack up; rake up; read up; rev up; ride up; right-side up; right up one's alley; ring up; roll up; roll up one's sleeves; rough up; round up; rub up on; run (up) against; run up; rustle up; save up for; scare up; scrape up an acquaintance; screw up; scrounge around (up); scrub up; seal off (up); seize up; send up; serve up; settle up; set up; set up housekeeping; sew up; shack up; shake up; shape up; shine up to; shoot up; shore up; shot up; show up; shut up; sign up; sit up; sit up and take notice; size up; slip up; slow up; smell up; snap up; soak up; soften up; somebody up there loves me; speak out (up); speed up; spit up; spruce up; square up; STACK UP; stand up; stand up and be counted; stand up for; stand up to; stand up with; start up; steamed up; STEP UP; stick up; stir up; stir up a hornets' nest; stop up; straighten up; straight up; STRING UP; suck up to; suit up; sum up; take up; take up a collection; TAKE UP ARMS; take up for; take up on; take up space; take up where one left off; take up with; TALK UP; tank up; team up with; think up; throw up; throw up one's hands; thumbs up; tie up; time is up; tone down (up); tool up; (up) to the hilt; touch up; trade down (up); trial balloon, send up a; trip up; trump up; tune up; turn up; turn up one's nose; turn up one's toes; turn up the heat; turn up trumps; wait up; wake-up call; warm up; wash up; what's cooking (up); what's (up) with; whip up; whoop it up; wind up; wise up; worked up; work one's way (up); work up; wrapped up; wrap up; write up."

The Most often used version that is not mentioned...
FU*K UP. I wonder if they said it when they said
MUCK UP. That is when it "came up" in my thoughts.

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