thoughts on taking more time to decide on new bb

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Posted by Bill [320.9974] on December 09, 2011 at 13:07:23:

Jan and I have been exchanging emails and she asked me to post this one.


What we would need is for someone to develop a new board to our specifications from scratch. That would take time (probably months), be expensive (even at low labor rates I'd guess over $10,000), and wouldn't work until it had had a good shakedown and lots of bug fixes. That's what I mean by anything is possible. Possible doesn't mean practical or best.

We could try to fix the old board, but that's like giving an oil change to a Model T. The basic guts that makes wwwboard work is flawed. Sometimes someone posts and a parent post in the thread gets erased. Sometimes the main board listing all topics gets corrupted. Sometimes the post number gets reset to zero wreaking havoc with the threads. That's because wwwboard wasn't designed for our level of usage. If two people try to post at once, race conditions can happen causing corruption that must be painstakingly corrected.

Then there is the spam. Wwwboard comes with zero native spam protection. At minimum, we'd have to add user registration. But that's one of the things old timers object to. Better I think is to realize that people don't like change, and there will be resistance, but it has to happen.

I don't want to write up specifications for a new board, or describe my view on what needs to be fixed with wwwboard. It's a huge job, I wouldn't do it very well, and I think it's a waste of time and money.

I still think the right approach is to replace the board with a modern board that meets our needs. That's easier and solves problems we wouldn't think of otherwise. There are hundreds out there. If none meet our needs, we need to find the best fit we can. Some of them have the notion of plugins - addons that allow people to add their own features without disrupting core functionality. Mwforum is one that allows that. We should pick one of those. I think we should ask for a handful of volunteers who are willing to help us pick, sort of a search committee. I am getting better at installing them, and we can have up to three new boards up at a time.

Another option is we can keep the old board and I can stop cleaning up the spam. After a few weeks, perhaps even the old timers would accept the idea of switching to a new board.


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