Cough with blood?

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Posted by James [7772.10009] on December 10, 2011 at 03:36:13:

Hello. I have not posted here in a while (since Walt passed). I have
an issue and I would like to hear any ones insight!

About 4 weeks ago, I developed a cough (pretty standard cough
you get when your sick). When I coughed, I spit into the sink and
noticed a tiny speck of blood. maybe the size of a grain of sand>
This thoroughly freaked me out and for the next 3 weeks I found
myself forcing my self to cough just to see if there was blood in
the mucus. I noticed blood one or twice a day. I decided to go to
my doctor, and they did a blood workup, urinalysis, and a chest x
ray. All normal. The Doctor said if the bleeding continues, go see
an ear nose and throat Dr. Now thinking about it, i think that the
blood may be coming from the back of my tongue or the back of
my throat, and has not healed because I have constantly been
forcing my self to cough, and collecting what ever spit from the
back of my throat to see. I have also noticed, even if I have not
coughed in hours, I can try to collect spit from the back of my
throat (with out coughing), spit, and there is some times a little
speck of blood. Not sure if this is a new source, or the original
culprit. As for the cough, it has pretty much went away. My lungs
are clear, and I have been running and working out with no

Also, ABout 3 months ago, I had a Soft tissue neck MRI with
contrast due to an enlarged lymph node (all came back normal,
and the node has gotten smaller), and I also had a test where the
ent stuck a tube up my nose, and down my throat (looked
normal) when I had my MRI. I am bringing this up because if
there was anything serious going on in my head/throat or neck,
I'm assuming this would have found it?

I am thinking about forcing my self to restrain from making my
self cough and forcefully spitting for a week, Then only checking
once a day to soo if it goes away on its own. Don't really have the
$$ for the ENT and tests!!

Any insight or ideas you have would be great. I sure to with Walt
was around to help me out with this. :(

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