Yellow lentils?? I like Indian foods & want to try some new recipes...msg

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Posted by Nutmeg [4785.9949] on December 11, 2011 at 02:44:27:

that call for yellow lentils. However, I can't find them in the stores here. I usually use red lentils, but I would like to try the yellow ones too, because I know the flavor is milder. I bought yellow split peas one time, but they take forever to cook, and are not the same as yellow lentils. I'll check again at the health food store and see what they can tell me.

I did a search and it looks like there are some other names that yellow lentils are known by. Anyone have this figured out?

We have a couple of Asian markets here, but I've not checked at those--not sure if lentils are used in Asian cooking. There is one Indian restaurant, and I think they might sell spices, so I might be able to get yellow lentils there if I knew the right thing to ask for.

Thanks for any info!

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