Wonder what a stress test would show?

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Posted by VF [12036.8753] on December 16, 2011 at 05:02:45:

I can do physical work, though not like before, with muscles not as strong as before, but still try. Usually I get drained, and just can't move till I recover, like I just can't go. Thinking heart or circulation, but NO pain or symptoms, other than Just drained. I can have shortness of breath at times, but not all the time, and it started when my lungs were burned from chemicals. I smoke, but that doesn't determine anything, because I am usually smoking to get something done. Used to be I had to chain smoke to try to remember what to do. My feeling about a stress test, is they will say, they can't figure what is going on, like they always have.

I would blame it on smoking, if it was consistent when I smoked. I have thought it was muscles that were damaged, and shortness of breath from the muscles that Make the lungs work, since lungs have none, and just sacks, and when the muscles are fatigued, for which there is usualy no rhyme or reason. Wish I could get back to where I Had to lift weights, and couldn't stop myself, and lifting heavier with every workout, and NOT even feel like I did a thing. No pain, or burn, and I was lifting as heavy as I could manage, using a reverse Pyramid technique, where you start with the heaviest weight you can manage in the first set, and lighter in the others. The theory is that you are stronger in the first set, so get the most gains, and not as the last, when your muscles loose strength, from lighter sets first. That started when taking ester c, like 15min after taking it, while taking a brand of MSM, that stopped the extreme pain from physical work, that wiped me out for 4-5 days, when I couldn't even think. I Just had to start doing pushups. My muscles craved it, like years ago. It lasted a month or two, and haven't been able to reproduce it, no matter what brands I take. I was hoping to be able to lift my weight, 200 lbs, so bought another 100lb set.

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