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Posted by Miss Bliss [15924.10021] on December 16, 2011 at 06:39:07:

Hi Jan ;-)

Thought I would make an appearance, and see how things are. Thanks so much for keeping me informed.

I have a specific question for you and anyone else here who may know this.

I have a pinched neve in my neck. Found out today from a chiropractor.
I spoke to a friend of mine who says I should be seeing an Osteopath for it.

I have no numbness or tingling, but it has lasted now for three weeks. I am having problems sleeping at night, because of the neck pain. The pain was going down into my shoulder and left arm. It still every now and then radiates into the top of my arm/shouler.

There is also a small inner knot, in my neck, that you can feel, and is moveable. Like a tiny ball. It was there when the initial pain started, but now is smaller, but is still there.

So my question to you is Is this best for a chiropract to address, or a Osteopath???

Any other suggestions welcome!


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