Kneecap injury--hubby slipped on the ice this morning...msg

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Posted by Nutmeg [4785.9949] on December 20, 2011 at 19:22:40:

and came down directly on the front of his knee. He went on to work (up one flight of stairs), but came home an hour or two later. I think he put some ice on it at work, and he's had ice on it a couple of times since then. This happened 8 hours ago.

He's been keeping it elevated some, and walking with a cane just around the house, avoiding stairs. We do have crutches and even a wheelchair here that he could use, if he was willing. It's very sore to walk on it, also sore behind the knee, and the whole thing is swollen, but not bruised-looking, at least not yet. Not much blood supply to the kneecap area, I know.

So, we're doing R, I, and E. How do you know when to use C, compression? We have a variety of knee braces and wide ace-wrap. Do you just try them to see if it helps? It would take some serious convincing to get him to the ER. He took 800mg of OTC Advil this morning. I will have him take 800 more this evening.

Thanks for any info.

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